Tutorial on lines!



Have you wondered how to do this? Well lemme tell you!

Do this >>>>>>>>> but in its own line. The number of > means how long the lines will go. Try it! The limit of lines is 13.


This is really cool! It probably should be used sparingly at 13 bars, and probably not too much between 3 and 5, but if I type this

it separates this from the rest of the text

I see it's very useful. :wink:


Best idea ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know?


Like a quote?


Yup! Like if you are typing a really long paragraph trying to explain something to someone, and you need them to know something or else the code won't work, it catches their eye :eyeglasses:




Yay people are getting the hang of it!

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This is a test


And the tests worked!!!


last time me did that browser crashed!


Please don't flag! Just a test!


I know this is on topic, but keep the extremely long lines to a minimum, it's spam :wink:


oh i get it hehe




Please do not do this, I flagged it as spam because it isn't useful to the conversation


I tried to Delete them, might not work because of cached data! sigh