Tutorial for the new hopscotch update!


Many people can't get used to the "new" update!

So here is a simple tutorial !

How to arrange how other hopscotchers sees the project!

If you hold on the project and widen it or residents it with your fingers you can adjust it!

How do you copy or paste codes!

You hold the block like you do with texts!

Where did the + and the :wastebasket: button go

It went at the very bottom

Can you see it??

Record button !

The record button is back at the right hand corner (top)
too lazy to take a screen shot XD

Any more ideas of tutorial it is welcome !

THT = @Liza @Rodrigo @System



Expressing our opinions about the update in a kind way
The New Update! 😢 Or 😍
How can I get used to the new update?

Great job! c:

Although I can't use the new update, I think this is a great tutorial! :D


Great tutorial!

I would like to make an announcement:
I won't be publishing often because of the update.

I like the 3rd update more than this one.


Cool Tutorial!
See what I did there?


I can't find the record button! Someone help!


Great job! I can't update right now, but great tutorial!


I guess this is helpful (I don't code and drawings are hard to see that way) but I don't think I will get used to it :disappointed:


It is only for uploaded projects


Yay I got 25th like!!!

Awesome tutorial!


A like for you!:wink:


Thank you @Hermione, this is very helpful! I have a photo for the record button, you can use this if you want :)

The record button is in the top left corner of projects (and yes it's back!)


How do you paste code?