Tutorial Collab! (T.T.C) please join!


@OMTL Hey Guys! This is a collab where we make tutorials on hopscotch. The way we will do it is we will go around in a list that I create (Inspiration from @WynterDiamond) we will pick a tutorial subject then the first person on the list will start a draft then link it on this topic then the next person on the list will go then when the final person is done I will put the finished project in our T.T.C account! Okay so we will not start until we have at least 2 members not including me!
@laser_eyed_puppy 2
@NindroidGames 1
@BotanistGirl24 3


Anyone??? @laserpais_friends (Oh sry Wyn for tagging you like ten time XD)


Oh hai laserpai! I’m in your friends now. Can you explain this a bit better?


So The person with the 1 next to their name starts the tutorial then publishes it then the person with the 2 will remix it and make it better then when everyone is finished I will post it on our tutorial account


Annnyone??? PLEASE! I lowered the member thing to one so we get get started faster! Um @Anyone?


@Laser_eyed_puppy what if we create an account for the T.T.C.?!

Oh, you already have. Nevermind


Do u want to join @HappyDolphin?


Sure! I could use the password if I ever get HS again…

I could also suggest tutorial ideas!


@laser_eyed_puppy? Hello? The pass?


@laser_eyed_puppy?! I’m sorry, I just want to know where you are rn


@laser_eyed_puppy can you give me the user and pass now? I can like it as soon as I see it


Sry I am doing something different! We will make a project remix to make better then at the end, I will post the finished project into the account! So what are we making first? @HappyDolphin


I thought this was a collab account, where everyone’s included?!


Everyone is! It is just that… well I will show you as it happens so what tutorial first?


I thought collab accounts were accounts in which you share the password with members of a collab.


Usually but this is different. :wink:


I can join, but I don’t get it


Do you mean, make a tutorial in hopscotch like this:

Or something else?

(That was just a super quick project I made)


Can I join? I don’t know if I’m the best at writing tutorials but it’ll be fun!


More like you make a full project and put the directions kind of like this…