Turtles Are Fun To Carry On


Carry on the turtles to remember me, but the thing is.... I have my final decisions. I am asking a mod to delete my account.


Another person leaving??? Goodbye :,(


Why are so many people leaving :cry:



But why? :000000000


What?! You're Deleting Your Account?


Well I wouldn't delete my account...




I mean, you could just change your name to Phase_Admin[Gone] on the forum by request

I'm talking to @Phase_Admin


Turtles? What does you leaving have to do with turtles?
So many people started leaving…:anguished:


The turtle accounts :wink:
Phase Admin runs them, but they are leaving ;-;

Nuuu ;-; but I respect your desicion, bye ;-;


If u leave the forum, all communication with me is over.
Well, bye, good luck.


We can't delete it you have too many replies and plus if we cooulldd then I wouldn't cause u nice


PA why are your posts so cryptic ;-;


Goodbye friend, you will be missed.. :disappointed_relieved:



evryone lets hav a funeral and put turtls on her grav ;-;


Thank you.....
can you at least change my name to


pls no


Please don't leave!
Sorry I'm late to everything :pensive: