Turtle(Steep Project Topic)

Confusing title? Am I right? Or am I wrong?
I am right.
Steep is an awesome video game! I want to re-create it in Hopscotch. But less awesome because we can't make it possible because it would be a lot of code to make it all 3D. So we are going to be re-creating it!

Notice how I said we in some of the sentences. This means that it is going to be a collaboration. So I want to have a team of Hopscotchers to make it!
I will be the manager/designer/publisher/leader of this collaboration. I can't make anything because I am not allowed to go on Hopscotch(Please don't ask why).

So I will need to collect a team of intelligent Hopscotchers to make this.
- Know how to use values really well
- Be able to have acces to Hopscotch
- Able to use advanced math blocks
- Able to use all of the blocks with no problem at all


The title confused me


That is very good.


Can you get me the otml please someone?

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First time using the OTML, lol.
Does anyone want to do it?


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I'm sorry I don't understand

Steep is a video game.
Look it up.


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