Turn this chatroom into a HS chatroom!



This is not a chatroom anymore it's a hopscotch chatroom


How is this hopscotch related?


Hello! Please Change Your Profile Pic To Purple Or A Birthday Cake For DOS And Hopscotch's 3 Birthday!


I'm sorry, but this has to be related to hopscotch.
Also, there are already themed chat rooms.
:wink: Remember for next time!


People don't have to change it to purple....


Oh my gummy worm.
What if. I found. A Star Wars cake. With a purple background. xD


Remember this is a Hopscotch Forum :wink:
All the topics should be Hopscotch related.


They're right, d00d. (Filling up space for the 20 character minimum)


I'm very sorry but Chatrooms are banned and especially ones without any HS relation


Should I quite if I come up with something it's banned or thought of then I get hate


Please, remember to check the community guidelines.
Hopscotch On!