Turn on the Light


Hey guys! I have noticed a LOT of sadness in the forum recently. As soon as all the leaders and mods were demoted, four major role models left. After that, more people started leaving. When I check newest, I'm seeing more and more leaving topics every day. I think we all need to cheer up and get rid of all this darkness in the forum. The forum is going through dark ages, but it doesn't have too. The dark ages are because of us, we are reacting to role models leaving by leaving. Leaving is just fueling the darkness, causing more people to leave. If we cheer up, then the dark ages would be over! We have to face it, people leave. It's either life, lack of interest or being sad. So, lets turn on the light and get rid of this darkness.

One extra thing-
It would be cool if lots of people used this as a profile pic, you don't have too though

Here is the gif version-

Light in the darkness
Might be leaving (for good)

clap clap clap Amazing speech @EP125


Thanks! bows That means a lot!


Np! I will invite ppl here


Thanks for the invite @minioncandy! Great speech @EP125


Thanks! That means a lot!


I invited a lot of ppl lol


Thank for inviting me, but for now it's good for me to be sad. For me, it makes me feel better just to let it all out. :)


That's how I feel, but I think we shouldn't react with leaving


It's ok, cry all of the sadness out...


Thank you lol



Should I invite more ppl?


Trust me, I've been doing that for 2 days now. ;-;


Wow, amazing speech! Everyone should see this! Thanks for inviting me @minioncandy!:smiley:


Wow.... Just cry for a few more days I guess... :-:


Lets do that and turn on the lights

If the lights dont work then lets try and fix the electricity.




Maybe a week or two... ;n;


If you want, you don't have to


Thanks! That means SOO much!