Turn a value negative without changing the value?



For my first Christmas project, I was going to make a snowflake with options to change the length and spot. So, I was tweaking with what I did at first. But, then it HIT me.

How was I supposed to turn the number in the value negative without changing the value? you maybe wondering, "What?" Well, you know how you can set something to a value divided by 2 without changing the value by pulling out a division block? Well, can I do something like that to turn the value negative.

Example: Let's say the value is 5. But I want -5, without changing the value. Equation? HELP


Just multiply it by -1.


@Valgo let me try.......


I learned that in math... I'm in algebra.


Same! :yum:



Or do the long way, and subtract the number by the number, and subtract that by the regular number. An alternative if you ever forget that one, but probably won't happen.


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Double Same! (Algebra 1 :P)


because your talking about Christmas and I have a Christmas contest for people to enter and create Christmas stuff


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You could also do (value ÷ -1) or (0 - value)


I noticed that if you tap the - button on the number pad, it will make positive numbers negative, and negative numbers positive.