Turkish School!


Hoi guise
So there are just so many language school topics
I wanted to make one too so.. Here it is :3
There will be 2-3 or occasionally even 4 lessons a week!
We will make projects on what we learned :3
and we can talk to each other in Turkish so no one else knows what we are saying
So ye
By the way, I don't know all of Turkish so you can enroll as a teacher too if ya want. (But don't overestimate me I do know a lot. :3)

Actually I don't really need a form.
-record scratch-
Just ask to join and ur in. Sorry for the inconvenience. XD
Scratch that I do need a form, for the teachers.
le form:
From 1-10, how much Turkish do u know?
Were you ever a 'teacher' before?




me, le jegedjeens


You only need a form to be a teacher :p
But you're in!


When I get 4 more student entries there'll be the first lesson!


Can I be a student pls
If I have to drop out at so point you'll understand right


I already said ur in
But I forgot to edit you in
I'm sorry D:


And yeah
I'll understand


le revive


Ber icky ooch :smirk: Do u know what that says


Evet, ben biliyorum. :smiley: