Turing complete systems


Talk about turing complete systems.
Advanced systems with a lot of information and potential discussion should probably go in there own topics.

FRACTAN is a simple turing complete system I just discovered. Implementing this in some other programming language shouldn't be that hard.


Shall I just change the category of this? Seems like it's not much help

Especially after the incident ...


I was going to ask about what meets something being Turing Complete, because I remember when Hopscotch added conditionals and it was part of it being a Turing Complete language :smiley: Which means it can be used to solve any problem in the world!! – given enough time and space.

Hehe this inspired me so much that I was trying to replicate the exponent function, modulo function, square root function in Hopscotch using only what was available (which was none of these functions themselves.)

I would have liked to ask what is a Turing complete system if it is any different. maybe there are more things that people know and might share :upside_down:


We should probably create a topic specifically for types of maths used (for example the FRACTAN and other types of topics like Reimannian Geometry or Flexagons). It would be awesome if people added their ideas and tools for specific ideas instead of needing to separate topics for ideas that not many people know about. A teaching topic might actually be pretty nice

(I've created like half the math topics, nice)


Turns out I made 3. We've been using a bunch of the topics a lot, though!


I found the post I had read :slight_smile:


Oh! So this should be more in the Control Blocks category?
This is really cool!
(We can create whole internet!)

Funny how the Blue Control Blocks category is green :sweat_smile: