Tunnels of Terror 2 Collab, (members only)



Okay, as I mentioned before, I am making a new topic for this because:
-it's a new game
-the other page is getting cluttered and full
-it's just easier

So! First, I should mention you guys. Hi @AHappyCoder and @Rawrbear (btw, sorry you can't view this at home :sweat:)

Next! The game! We should get jobs. I'll assign them because I'm making this topic, so tell me if you want to do something else.

@AHappyCoder: you can work on the teaser trailer/cutscene (like how we did it with the scene thing before)
@Rawrbear: you can work on music
And I'll take the first shift of game making. I have the plans for the first level (2-1).

And feel free to take a break from this collaboration if you really need to. I don't want you to get tired of this :(


Cutscene Hmmmmmmmm! I'm not a great fan of cutscenes! Can I give ideas? @CreativeCoder


How should I start the music? Should I put it on my account?


You know what, you start, I'll get it and I'll make the music. :slightly_smiling:


SURE! @AHappyCoder @Rawrbear


Can I join you guys? I'm good at programming/code. I also have an idea for a storyline and a few other things but some games are good without a storyline.


Idk, ask @CreativeCoder or @AHappyCoder :sweat_smile:


@AHappyCoder @CreativeCoder


Why are they not responding? HELLO? @CreativeCoder? @AHappyCoder?


Ok, @AHappyCoder is here, maybe @CreativeCoder is in the middle of school... Do you have notifications on @AHappyCoder?


YES I do! Just think! our game is on featured!


I know, The Hopscotch Team had me featured, but then they switched it to you. :sob:


Yep I am in school



And I'm not remixing to my account because technically it is my project (it says it's remixed from me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


I have an idea for a few new obstacles: dripping lava and falling spikes!


And dropping rocks! So you have to time it or else...


That would be cool! Also: people's iPad's were laggy playing the first game.

P.S. Still kinda bummed that I'm not featured anymore :pensive:


? (Check what this goes to)


I'm sorry...you still technically are though. In a way. You're part of the team- it's OUR game

Sad it's lagging for people. It didn't on our end


Hey, @AHappyCoder and @CreativeCoder, @GiraffeProductions wants to join!