Tuber Clicker 0.1 New Update


My new game Tuber clicker 0.1 I realised the BETA 18 Hours Ago And I wanted to see if anyone likes it.

Link -



Fixed that.


Could you put a space between the - and the link? Thanks


What a cool project! I would like if you could actually "click" the videos and it would take you to a mini clicker!

Ps: Fifth


The thing is, it isn't a clicker. Its more like a tip page than one, and it does not even work.


What it works you click the view button to get views you then can upload a video,You Will Get 1 - 3 Subscribers. Every Five Seconds Your Subscribers Will View The Video And You Will Get Views.


Ok I Will Add That In The Next Update


Couldn't you have just said that in the game? Sorry.


What did you do wrong


Inconvenience. ._.


I can't go anywhere but the home page‚Äč:joy::joy:


Click the emoji button on the top right