TTT! Tank T Trivia! Question 4 Is Up!



Trivia time! Credit to all the others that made this before me.

So, I'm sure you've seen others like these. And played in them. So I'm sure you know the rules.

But for any new players, I basically give you hard, medium, or easy questions and the first one to answer correctly gets 1, 2, or 3 points, depending on the level of difficulty!
Oh, and I'll be with toddlers every day next week, so I won't be able to get on.
Once you earn points, you can use them to buy stuff in the point shop below!
And when a question is guessed correctly, I add another question.

Point Shop!

  • ₽10: Like Boost (Forum)
  • ₽10: Like Boost (Hopscotch)
  • ₽15: Follow
  • ₽15: Drawing Sketch
  • ₽20: Music
  • ₽20: Drawing Request
  • ₽25: Custom Project
  • ₽30: Logo

Note: You may get one of these (but not of your choice) instead of points if you're the first one to answer and you answer correctly.

Point Leaderboard!
TOP 3:
William04GamerA: ₽1


Let's start off with a question:

What is my favorite color?


Green? :D


Nope! But you're right next to it, ride a rainbow!




Yep! One point for you!


Okay, next question.

How many toes do I have? XD

Some people have eleven instead of ten, you know.


Umm... I guessing....10?


Correct! You win a forum like boost!


Okay, next question.

Do I like learning math?


₽ is Russian currency lol


So that's what it means! I use it to stand for Points.


Guessers, please! Any guesses?




@tankt2016 am I correct? (srry I didn't just edit, I ran out)




K next question?


I don't give another question until the current one is answered correctly.


But it is a yes/no question so once one person asks, it is over.


Nope, these are not yes or no questions.