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don’t have a person for that yet.

and yet you have one for Meg…

I don’t have one yet. I do have Z as like all Fowey pars but not Ariel ones


When Katie fights…

Except she has a gatling gun that forms around her arm.


Lol, tat be Tealyyn.

even though she’s technically, ‘one who speaks with hands’.



Most of the time, Katniss is


Beware of the man who speaks in hands.
Or in this case, woman.


Do you have


or in this case, child.


Daysí is all robot bois.


You know Corrina, the one who doesn’t talk and is an earthbender?

I can’t think of an Undertale theme to describe her fighting behavior.

She literally tears the ground apart to fight Wieserbots. She’s powerful enough to tear Earth in half.


Sadly for all of you, Bonetrousle is someone I have not mentioned yet. their identity would also give away sans’ identity.


Doctor Evilsmith is

but with real-life instruments instead of EarthBound’s soundfont.


Ok then. Umm.

Is it weird that 2 people are Asgore in my horrible weird game?


Ok, Corrina is

Yeah, do not get on her bad side.



Corrina once flooded a whole Wieserbot city with lava from a nearby volcano.


I don’t know about Shafferbot #1. When it comes to absolute monsters from hell, he’s a bit of a coward. Heck, he’s afraid of Dominick!

He’s afraid of anything that represents death itself. The opposite of Evilsmith. So, maybe…


Whereas I’m more

But more human.

When I’m really in my element, with Katie and Felicia…


Technically, in my game you play as the easiest person to have a pacifist and geno run with, Kayla Roli!
But you fight yourself if you go geno/kill someone so… how does this work…


Actually, Sam is


No! Shafferbot #1 is

He’s been the sworn enemy of Evilsmith for all time! When he’s finally able to defeat and shaffertize Evilsmith, the whole world will be saved!

It turns out Evilsmith is actually a Shafferbot who was turned into the leader of the Wieserbots.