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When Wieserbots crash her performances, she makes the entire audience invisible.



Magician Woman gasps from back row.

oh blast, you’re here!

Magician Woman gives angered facial expression.

I have a magician as well you know. She goes by Magician Woman until I come up with a name. Kayla doesn’t like her.




I trust her unconditionally


An icon :sparkles:
I now know what I’m drawing tomorrow


You’re drawing her? Her eyes are blue, her skin is pale.

She’s pretty.


Kayla is probably the worst lawyer you could ever have.

I mean, they probably didn’t kill that guy and his friends. I mean it might’ve been me but like, my client has done some pretty sketchy things.

Client: what.

Hey I saw you trading that coaxium, you know that’s illegal.

Client: WHAT.

I’m gonna tell you this right now, this man right here should be detained. He’s got 20 canisters of stolen refined coaxium in an apartment upstate.

Client: You’re supposed to e defending me!

no. I’m supposed to be collecting the bounty on your head.

Client: this is a courtroom, you’re my lawyer, this is not a bounty hunt!



@Healeybot1 Magician Woman is not happy.


Where are her hat, cape, and bow tie? Hehe.


She’s got a hat, she just doesn’t wear it in fights (except for like 1 or 3) or anywhere outside of performances.
It’s too nice of a hat to ruin.


Katniss just doesn’t fight.

Katniss Samson.

She performs a disappearing act.



No, we use Dummy for when Magician Woman is angry.



And Katniss is all like


Yes, that is much Better.

(yes I have a lisT of under tale battle songs to match characters)


hat’s regular Magician Woman. She returns in my game. She is quite annoying.


Sarcats, come fix Petr. I think he’s broken.