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Cool and good.


So, if you are ready to give up your name,

Fav color:
Fav star wars movie:
Fav star wars quote:
Fav star wars character:
Fav moment in Kayla Roli’s life (aka fav story, as none of them are named just give a few words about it):
Fav animal:
How do you feel about the prequel of star wars?
How do you feel about the sequel of star wars?
What are 3 adjectives that describe you?


First movie, original version
“You’re a little short for a stormtrooper.” – Leia
Her realization of everything she’s done wrong
They’re interesting, but the execution is poor.
Pretty good.
Determined, Emotional, Diplomat



So, what’s my new nickname?


Darn, I still need a noun, I got this so far…
Heartful _______


You know I’m Ike 5 seconds away from reusing Jedi because you try to keep peace but if things get rough you aren’t afraid of fighting back. You solve things like a pacifist.


Exactly. I hate fighting.


IDK what to use as noun!!! am open to help.


I plan on drawing Kayla in Earth clothing.


I don’t know.

Maybe @ChickenGirl can help.


I mean you can reuse Jedi the way u explained it makes a lot of sense for healey


Ok Healey, you’re Heartful Sentinel now, have fun.


Thanks Alexa.


This is so ok Alexa play the imperial march



Next up, Kayla in a suit.


Now this is the gay agenda


I was drawing a woman in a magicians outfit.

Where are the female magicians?


Girls in any type of suit is :sparkling_heart:
Especially magician girls healey is out here doing gods work


Complete with hat and wand. I’ve made her a character who can control light.

She has hair so blond it’s almost white for contrast to the black and red.

And she wears a bow tie. A bright red one.

Ok, she’s gay. Why not.