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innappropriate behavier and langguaghe. someone got me trigerd and a few words were said but nothing past forcing or prick.


I looked up turquoise to base Capprio’s personality off of, apparently it’s the most powerful crystal for “healing” as it “repels negative energy”. They say it’s a stone of “purification” that can “heal a broken heart”.

How am I supposed to flesh out a character like that?
I guess I could have him emit an invisible field that neutralizes the poisonous gas that emits from Theo’s lungs…


Your hopes and dreams for the petribot ship have just been shattered. Check ILC’s general for more information.


Well, that leaves you shipless.


Who the heck is the scorched dawn?


It’d be nice to have a relationship like Sarcats and Petr.


Even if the only reason SarcasticTvHead is shipping herself with Petrichor is just to mess with him.


Oh, that’s Kayla’s Xing’s identification/name




You know how the Millennium Falcon is called the Millennium Falcon. Kayla’s ship is called the Scorched Dawn.


You know what? Maybe this forum isn’t where I’ll meet someone.

-Healing- told me that her characters that most describe her are Darling and Tiger.
You know how I feel about Darling, so… I’m kinda interested in her creator.

So no more forum ships for me!

Come on, what do you think?


She describes herself as sassy and shy but also super nice. Kinda like me!


I know there is something you’re thinking about this development. Come on, share your thoughts!

Especially because this is my third consecutive reply.


Z how does one explain to someone how they feel about them?

  I'm tired leave me alone           please.

Z are all guys just unable to see when a girl likes them?

wait a second…

Cause I don’t think C does and other guys don’t, then again it’s hard to convey feelings and it’s tricky to tell if someone likes you. If I get more than one rose on Val tin day, I’ll freakout.

There Healey, you can reply more


I mean, if I can successfully get Darling to fall in love with me, let’s see how that effects the way Healing feels. I have no idea how she feels about me, and I’m not really in love yet, but I’m in love with one of the characters that describes her.

Let’s see how that goes. Romance is more fun when you have no idea what you’re doing.


I am drowning.


Falling faster.


My heart is shattered.


My soul is lost.