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How many times have you died?



me or…



I just adore your characters


Personally I love how this is drawn. the change in line darkness and the shading.

you said it was blood!

Shush. It’s shading here, it’s blood in the stories.


Bro what brush do u use, the textures and your shading is :triumph::ok_hand::clap::+1::sparkles:


use the app Graphiter so like I can only use pencil and there’s no layers and there’s no colors and shade with graphite pencils.


Kay, just because you’re school opens 2 hours later doesn’t mean you get to stay up until 2 am!

That’s like a little over 2 hours from now Kayla, we don’t need to worry right now.




too many to count

Technically 0 but I count attempts and times I almost die and times I feel dead as being dead so… I guess more than 0 by a lots.


I’ve been dead approximately A times.


Defects are in our Nature
I never realized how interesting other defectors were. Some defect due to the things they’ve seen or the places they’ve traveled to. Some leave because they know they’re fighting for the wrong side. Other leave because it’s fighting. No one is like me. Everyone left because they disobeyed their orders. I was taken away from it all. They left because they didn’t trust the Empire. I was betrayed by it. None of them got a nice little letter accusing them of something they didn’t do, something that would’ve challenged their beliefs. I did. I paid for that simple little error in a larger system. Some would call it corruption, others revenge. I don’t know what to call it. I do know that someday, these people will se who I truly am. Not a stormtrooper, not a rebel, not even a bounty hunter, but me. Just me. Simply because I deserve it. The looks of disbelief. The fear in their eyes. Yet, something else, burning in their souls. I’d call it hope but that’s an overused word nowadays. That is why, I must be the best that I can be. A soulless murdering character that somehow gained a heart In all this. The one who doesn’t see a line between good and bad. The one who’ll spend nights up going crazy over the things they’ve done. The one who will help her friends and maybe even enemies. The one true Kayla Roli.
Kayla Roli








you just said random pieces of names that you thought would relate to me.

er… no I didn’t… umm… got to bed!

Yeah you did.



That cat is an absolute madlad


So, does Kayla have actual sentience now?


heh ur at school now.

so. you were like always at school for the first 13 years of your life.

more than that.



happy birthday John Williams!!!


when you only live twice…
(this is also a james bond movie)


Oh no, why did you get suspended?