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Z give me an obvious pose that I’m missing.



When @Healeybot1 some how made it into this ref page…

Undertale references: 2
Subtle Gravity Falls references: 2
Vine/TikTok references: 2


Not as good as the other one.
Healeyboi what do you think about you but not you?


“Am already tracer” - Z-9 2019


Z is flawless :sparkles:


I have school today… and it’s supposed to snow all day… and it’s supposed to be a lot of inches.


my quix bowl meet was cancelled. I’m not fine with this.

heh, i get it, because you’re team name is im fine with anything.



I have more time to draw another page of Zs



Oh BTW do you have a delay or a day off tomorrow or none of them?


I don’t know yet.


have two hour day so far. :3



I wan to write a story on my clone bois or at least Kayla’s clone bois but it’s hard.


I love how thousands of clones of Jango Fett have their own distinct personalities.


My small squad of clones and stormtroopers and 1 pilot.
Kayla’s larger squadron of old clones working in the Empire.

Cody got nothing on me.



my squad is best.

No, mine is better.


My baby he’s a got a lil solo.




Darth S’more: I haz captured Han Solo