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Uh yeah. I’ve been suspended since February 4th.


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and it’s winter so…

Fives no murdering Echo.


get a man who can look at you like that. or a woman. or a human.



ok so I was thinking, this could be our famous childhood enemy’s music.

This is when Yasha’s cafe gets chaotic

The Suicidal Cliff’s music for when you decide not to jump.

Song that should play when you fight Kayla.

Z. Z stop. You are not being the good Z.




somebody needs to post something here.




Staring out into the sunset. The water crashed against the jagged rocks below. “It’'d be a lot more calming if you guys weren’t watching,” Kayla sat on the edge of the cliff. She was thinking hard on a certain location. Her friends were watching. Tealyyn, Jade, and Daysi. They didn’t know fully what she was doing. Kayla was doing something very few people could do. She smiled. It was working. “KAYLA YOU’RE FLOATING!!!” Kayla’s eyes flew open and she fell back down to the rocky ground. She was trying to contain her anger. “Daysi!!! You messed it up! The diversion won’t work now!!! The gang is probably dead!!!” Tealyyn signed as Jade translated. “whoops,”


Kayla is angered.


(daysi is supporting the doubleblockquote)




I’m in a group with one of my friends and her friend. Her friend doesn’t seem to like me. I don’t know what to do. @keyrofrens? plese

I’m bad at this but

Idk maybe try to find something you both like? Or an icebreaker joke?


ok i guess.

she still doesn’t Iike me I think she hates me more. :’)


Master Windu???


It’s better if you just forget I exist. Makes it easier on your consciousness. You know all the things I’ve done. Or at least a few. You don’t hear all of them. There’s stories I wish hadn’t even happened. But, it’s fine now. This world is dying anyways. I’ve noticed the changes in things. A few people stutter on words. This mission, these people. I know why but, I don’t want to say. Data gets overwritten all the time. I just don’t know what I’ll do.
Z is gone. I don’t know how she disappeared but she’s out of this reoccurring nightmare. I see my friends, they’re starting to go as well. I’m getting a bit scared. This mission, it keeps repeating!
I’ve started to disappear. Char’less has designed armor to slow the disappearing by a lot. He wasn’t fast enough though. He’s gone. I have the armor now. It works, it really does. There are very few of us left. We go through the mission barely changing a thing. Someone disappears every single time we finish the mission. I’ve started to explore around on the missions. So far I’ve stayed pretty close to the actual mission area.
Today I tested the boundaries. There are boundaries that I physically cannot pass. I did find an interesting lightsaber out there though. It’s past the boundary though. A few objects can go through the boundary. I might try and grab the saber with a rope. Places have started to disappear as well. My armor is preventing me from joining the disappeared.
I lassoed the saber today. It’s got a weird light cyan blade. It stays with me when I restart the storyline, much like my clothes and anything I’m touching or holding. I hang it from my belt. Dialogue is still here, even though there’s barely anyone to say it.
Everyone’s gone. I’m alone. Sections of the ground are even disappearing. I don’t know what to do.
I’m still alone. I don’t even know why the mission keeps going.
There’s people here?


Oh no. The void is taking over.



this is the actual size


Glitchy Boi is so lonely. She uses disappear instead of glitch. Her voice/writing/attitude changes making her the biggest loser of the night!


@ChickenGirl, could you draw me with the Octahedron?

Remember to make my eyes glow white.