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Hey! This is my GT. Yes I’m technically a suspended user named Kazuda Xiono, I mean, Kayro. This is my GT now and I’m using the han solo trilogy (legends) book series!!! The Paradise Snare is the first of the series!!!

Anyways, rules apply to general forum rules, please don’t flag Kayro or this account, I don’t like being suspended or banned. (you can totally flag down this topic though, I can be friendly like that!) Uh, please don’t swear instead use star wars swears or just censor yourself. I think that’s all.
May the force be with you.
Kayla Roli



Ok first post will be mine then
How are you still TL3 (Regular) on that account? (Guidelines say cannot be suspended)




I dunno. It’s magic. Must be the force.


I just realized: Regular Status is updated at 12PM GMT, so at 7AM EST it will probably be gone :(
Just in time before @Petrichor comes to correct me
Nope he’s still gonna correct me


I’ve been suspended for over 24 hours though.


hmm… maybe when you get back? maybe in another 24 hours?


I noticed that earlier, either it hasn’t registered the suspension yet or her trust level is locked, which if she was actually suspended before (it didn’t say she was) would make a locked trust level the most likely case. If she wasn’t actually suspended before, then most likely it will dissappear after she gets unsuspended.


I sure hope not. I worked years for regular. I regained it multiple times.

I mean I’ve been suspended before. A week long.


Maybe, I’ve only seen a handful of locked trust levels (like @t1_hopscotch), but I kinda doubt that


Dang… it says in past 100 days so if you lose it you will have to wait even longer… that would suck


Yeah. Maybe I’ll get this account to regular though.


That’s easy enough, especially since you currently don’t have too many flags or suspensions.


I’m buying myself a rose at school so it looks like another human out there is thinking of me.


Neato :cowboy_hat_face:


kayla how does this happen?!?!?!?!?!?


When no one’s here so you sit here in sorrow.




Well, I got one flag. Alright, that’s fine we can live with that. I guess people don’t like therapy.


wait you have a discord?! add me jordo…#6442