Try to not talk about it! (Game show)


Hey hopscotch! Today I was looking over a lot of game show topics, and I decided I wanted to make my own.

How to play

You try not to talk about a topic (@FoodDelivery leaving, @kvj's topics, etc.)
If you talk about that topic, you lose a point.
If you dont talk about that topic, you gain a point.
The winners will be decided at the end of the week and the end of the month.


leader -hasn't lost 10 points in all, and has 15 or more likes in all. Can make questions.
regular - hasn't lost 5 points in all, and has 7 or more likes in all.
member- hasn't lost 2 points, no need for likes.
new user-everyone starts like this. Get 1 point and you get member



New user


That's basically everything! The first topic is... Drawing on paper compared to iPad!


yaaayyy! hmm.... what should i talk about... ah! Books! Books are kewl. They make you learn kewl stuff :DDD


Will you be active throughout the week?:
Will you participate?
What device are you using?:


I think...
Watching enabled!
iPad Air 2



Your in!


You too! I am adding another details, brb




Ya! Especially ones with pictures! I like drawing!


o noes you talked about... gasp... the untalkable dun dun dun duuunnnnn


I'm supposed to get you to say it!


I like writing. I don't post any of my writing on hopscotch.


Are you an illustrator? They make nice drawings for books.


You will

never convince me

well actually you most probably will lol


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i seeeee now........... okey den. goats goaty goats... ever heard of Asriel? I for some reason have had 2 dreams with him in it :confused: pretty darn weird if you ask me, dreaming about fantasy stuff and then sometimes wishing it was real, like a better computer or something... ahhh this post is forvever getting ridiculously full now wow...



Goat mama was illustrated well in Undertale, I actually had a dream about the fight and the feeling of my heart breaking was scary.


This seems like a rlly kewl idea! :D


blah blah blah weird sharp stuff and toothbrushes especially books of toothbrushes with literally no such thing as handles and then there are bristles and toilets wait when were toilets involved wut im real confused now.


I like string cheese, it's soo yummy. I also like cheese-itz. I could eat them all day.