Try to convince Siri to like hopscotch!


Lol I tried

Wrong one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well those aren't it but Siri has a sense of humor so if she says funny stuff tag me
I swear if u don't answer me Siri


It seems like you enjoy getting in heated arguments with artificial intelligence




I made a Siri project. I plan to add the ability to ask questions :smiley:





My mom says not to do that because a person could be on the other end answering and call the police.


Yeah you must have those OVER PROTECED parents LOL


You mean Siri? You don't need to worry, Siri isn't going to call the police ;)


@ValueGamesStudio I don't think that is very nice to say. Me leave topic now... leaves topic and hides


Sorry I did not want to be mean to admit I have those parents to They won't let me cross the road by my self I am freaking 10


I doubt Siri/apple would call the police considering Siri is just a virtual assistant with her voice already coded into it. But I think all of your messages to Siri are archived somewhere..


That's not really being overprotective....

So funny @Gabe_N!! :joy:



(The im not sure what you said is because I was too quiet)


Sometimes siri really makes me angry


My nickname is the better siri


Tell ur mum it's ok Siri was designed by apple only apple can control him he has set things to say it's ok


ultimate fail darn you siri


I have Android


Phase two: threatening a computer

sorry there all mixed up