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This is a place to try any bbcode, HTML, or other tricks that you can do with text!

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noice topic
le thumbs up




`very much!`


How do you make a thing that looks like a button?





I don't know


Cool! ^-^


At least I can make blue text by creating a link that doesn't work. I wish that we could use the color tag though

  • To make this, you click the button that looks like a list above

to make this, hold on the ' button until it gives you more selections. Pick the one slanting to the left that is all the way on the left hand side of your three choices.
Hopefully this helps




Oh I wish!! That would be so cool... maybe I will suggest it to the hopscotch team!

Wait I don't see that button. I know how to make preformatted text though...


What do you mean by "color tag"? :o

  • Are you in portrait mode in a tablet? If so, turn to landscape. It is the one next to the "upload an image" button, if that helps any.


To make text colorful, I believe.


I mean to make the text have some color, like down below:

<h1 color="blue">Insert your random text here</h1>


Whyyyyy?? You're making me want it even more!! :sob::sob:


Oooo okay ^-^

I just do- <a> to make my text blue ;D


I'm on a computer. Sorry that I didn't clarify. I only have a phone to yeah.


Oh okay. Hmmm... is it not near the "upload image" button? Sorry, I have not been to the forum on the computer in a while.


I've never been on the forum on a


lol XP


It's not even there. :confused: :confounded:


Okay... let me look it up on the internet... google always knows the answer!