Try new things learn new things :D


So you join hopscotch and love it correct (who wouldn't)

But now you're afraid to try other coding languages that look intimidating.

But I have a challenge for you, how out and learn a new programming language.

Now I am not saying stop doing Hopscotch

But I say try other languages there are soooo many :smiley:

Java script

The list goes on and on and on!

Why don't you try one of those!

To learn stuff there is YouTube, books(yeah those are a things) and I use this helpful website called Pluralsight it cost for a subscription but I highly recommend it to make learning even better.

If you love programming, continue that!



Great topic! HS is such a good boost into other languages!


This is one of those topics where I get like 20 likes and no replys lol



now that you mention that, I was just reading a post actually...

1-9-90 rule

As many of you may already know, there is this thing called a 1-9-90 rule of online participation. In any given online community, about 1% of the participants produce most of the content, another 9% participate regularly by editing (e.g., on a wiki), commenting (on blogs and articles), occasionally producing new content (in forums, etc), and the remaining 90% are 'lurkers' who do not publicly participate but only read (though these days, many of them participate a little more publicly, if not creatively, by "Liking", tweeting, and otherwise sharing the content in ways that are visible to others, but without adding any thoughts of their own). The exact proportions vary from site to site, but are usually close enough to 1-9-90 for the general rule to hold.

But yes indeed Hopscotch has helped me with heaps!


Great topic and advice.
Very few forum members actually code anything that isn't trail/pixel art.


I actually have done some JavaScript, CSS, and HTML coding along with hopscotch! I'd say for JavaScript it's quite helpful to do hopscotch first because of the rules and such, but HTML and CSS are a little different. Hopscotch is a great base for learning coding languages :D


lol that's funny


I am sort of taking your challenge actually :smiley: I am learning some JavaScript plus CSS & HTML using Khan Academy at the moment, just casually. It is slightly different to what I've been doing on Hopscotch – it is more web development related :smiley:.

But I was also learning Python and using Lua, and I could really see how ideas from Hopscotch applied to it :blush:


I've learned all of those though.