Try my Hopscotch Blog!


Hi, I'm Invention Labs©® and I've made my blog where you can discover new incredible games and make others discover your own ones. There, you can also discover new Hopscotchers and become friends with them. I will publish my ideas regarding how Hopscotch can improve, and if you comment your own ideas i will publish them, giving you the credit. Please try it and tell me what you think of it!
This is the link:


@InventionLabs I tried your link twice and it doesn't seem to be working.


I just fixed it, sorry!


Still not working. Test:

Edit: You accidentally did http://http//

Double edit: It's working now

Triple edit: The aquarium is cute


@InventionLabs hey I love your blog! im not sure if its my laptop but when I click on a category it just shows the homepage of your blog


I looked at @CreativeCoder's link and it worked. I like your blog, especially your say in chat rooms.


Thank you! @SnowGirl_Studios


I also thank @DragonLover975 @CreativeCoder!
I'm sorry I put the wrong link but I'm happy you liked my blog. I think that the best way to improve Hopscotch and to make sure everyone enjoys coding and learns how to code in a better way by others.


It worked for me. I just went on it.