Try It–Happy Thanksgiving!



I am thankful for my amazing friends;
The kind and amazing community
Everyone who helps me out;
My code could never be better
That we can make most anything;
We're all in this together
Jumpyduckz and Crouchychakinz;
Make me feel at home
For the forum is my home,
With all the wonderful people
This unique place
Makes me want to stay forever
~by BellaWafflez17

What are you thankful for in Hopscotch? Your friends? The amazing community? Try writing a poem about it; I promise it's fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Nice poem!

I am going to try


Great poem! :grinning:


Thank you so much!
@Sweetlina, thank you!


Awesome poem! :D


Thank you!


It won't let me add the name to the tag list!


You mean the OMTL? Got o the topic, and press the green notepad. Then, you can edit the post and add your name. (In alphabetical order!)


I am thankful for..
A nice community
A nice place
Where there is unity
The XD's
And the Lol's
Make the forum feel amazing.
Forum is my home
The months I have been on are only a few
But the best part of the forum
Is most definitely
Okay there's my bad poem XD


That's actually an amazing poem! Thanks for sharing :3


Nice poem! Here's mine:

I'm thankful for THT for creating hopscotch
It's like my home
My senpais
They make me happy
My frens
Always make me smile
My frenapais
Always help me
The community
Always creating awesome projects
My followers
They are the ones who always like every one of my projects
Hopscotch is my second home




bump–share your poems!


i am thankful for my pain my storage being taken up


I'm thankful for my family and friends.
When it hurts to look behind,
And I'm scared to look to the end,
These people are unyielding and kind.

I'm thankful for hopscotch,
With all the amazing opportunities
And learning it can launch.
Thanks for making hopscotch, THT!

I'm thankful for my school,
The education divine.
My teachers and classmates are cool,
And the knowledge is one of a kind.

I'm thankful for debate,
It's a hobby I like to do.
My coach is first rate,
And I'm grateful for that too.

I'm thankful for much more too,
My house, car, and money.
Few people have what I do,
And I'm glad I have so much to see.

-Kay Kat




Fir Waffy:


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I emailed THT wishing them a happy thanksgiving...:3
Don't hesitate to share your poems–even if you don't think your poem is good, we won't judge! Get into the thanksgiving spirit :rooster: