Try and tag me: A Competition of the incredulous Fredulous type


Whoever can tag me first wins a free night of fredrickson


I’m on the leaderboards


i tried it don’t work @fredric

does that count


If you can sharsh a marsh so it won’t be harsh


A sharshed marsh is never harsh

Words of wisdom by the pound makes you bigger strong and round you’ll never need a lost and found because all can see you go abound


i sharshed a marshed but it’s still harsh


Incredibly credulous


You can’t press the tag though, so does that count?




You can click it:

You are the winner I think




It didn´t work on iPad, but it worked on my computer, indeed. I think that I and @Petrichor used the same method.


@Fredric k) testo testo fishy fren


it doesnt work sadly


Oh wow! Congrats!
Oooh I see what you did it doesn’t actually end in k, very smart


U can’t tap tho


I used <hidden text> somewhere in the text, like this: Fredrick.




yayayayaya heheh


How do you tag him
Tell me the trick