Trust levels on hopscotch!

Today I bring the idea of trust levels to hopscotch. Just like the forum, you would meet certain criteria to reach new trust levels.

Why would this be helpful?

• Unfortunately, many users use hopscotch as a form of social media. While some of these are automatically filtered (within 2 min.) it’s not 100% effective. Having trust levels would help to prevent this as I’ll elaborate below.

• Similar to the last, some users say mean things to each other, start fights, etc.

• Finally, remixes are often abused and projects are stolen. While there is the remix banner, it can be glitchy. While some remixes are helpful (fixing someone’s code, doing a collab, etc.) others can be harmful or simply pointless. As many of us have seen, user can easily remix your project and say its their own. This is why (along with trust levels) I believe you should have to at least change one thing (like updating a project) to remix it.

What would the levels be and what permissions would they have?
Here are some starter ideas using forum names.


• Join!

Basics would have a project limit of one project a day (to prevent chatting) and would not have the ability to remix a project. Basics would not be able to flag a project.


• Visit for at least a month (total)
• Publish at least 3 projects
• 1 or no flagged projects (because new users might not be familiar with the guidelines)
• No suspensions

Members would have a project limit of 2 projects a day and would have the ability to remix a project if they change code. Members would not be able to flag a project.


• Visit at least 50 of the last 100 days
• Post at least 5 projects
• 2 or fewer flagged posts.
• 1 or no suspensions in the last 100 days.

Regulars would have no project limit and would have the ability to remix a project. Regulars would be able to flag a project.


• Manual promotion.

All permissions of regulars plus the ability to curate projects, unpublish projects, view and resolve flagged projects, demote/promote users to different trust levels, suspend/ban users, and probably more.

Promotions to and from basic, member, and regular would be automatic. Just like the forum, you could be moved down a trust level automatically (not meeting criteria) or manually by a leader (for extreme circumstances). All these ideas are subject to change and are just an outline of what hopscotch could look like.

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It’s amazing

Great idea, we need this!


good idea, I’d just change some of the criteria


Yeah, it’s just some basics i thought of

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Instead of project limits, have a cool down between publishes

It would be disappointing to a new user if you couldn’t publish a second project just because you’re new.


Good idea, everything I wrote in the op is subject to change if tht were to implement this


I like the idea! Maybe it could be easier to get member? Because one project a day fro a month is a while before you could get member. I love the idea though!


No, Hopscotch is made to create stuff, not wait 1 day to publish 1 thing.


Again, these are just some basic ideas. All of this is subject to change


I agree. I would scale down a lot of the waits, like, A MONTH?!

I would also remove the project limit and replace it with a publish cooldown


Interesting idea, but I don’t think the app was meant to be used as a forum.

Limiting the amount of projects a new user would create is something I disagree with, frankly because there was a limit and people didn’t like it. I understand why you would implement it, to prevent spam and to make sure the user isn’t a bot, but a one day cooldown seems excessive. An hour or two seems more reasonable, though regardless it’s still a very interesting idea.

This system could also bring its flaws to the app, though one could say the same about the forum


It’s a good point, but I think since the forum and hopscotch have different purposes, they both work best with different methods, in this case trust levels on the forum reward active, helpful users, while it wouldn’t make much of a difference on the app in my opinion
I wouldn’t care about a project cap too much, and I rarely have to flag projects so I don’t think this would affect me, regardless of trust level.
Not being able to remix wouldn’t be good, since one of the main things about hopscotch is you can take someone else’s code, and make something new out of it.


wholeheartedly agree with you


Well, I’d change some of the restrictions/criteria:

  • Any trust level should be able to flag projects. If a basic or a member were to see an inappropriate project, and not be able to flag it, it is straight up unsafe. Besides, basics and members can flag posts on the forum.
  • If you get flagged at least twice in the regular trust level, I suggest the user would get demoted to member, just how it is in the forum. Adding on to that, if the demoted user doesn’t get flagged again in the next 100 days, perhaps they could gain the regular trust level again.
  • The project limits are not really my favorite restriction. Maybe there could only be a project limit for the first 2 days you visit instead? I think that’s the policy on the forum.

And I have a question:
What if you are already a hopscotch user and these trust levels get implemented?
What I mean is, I have all the criteria you need to become a regular on the hopscotch app. But, if this gets implemented, would I be a basic or a regular?

Thanks for the idea! I hope this gets implemented.


This is something that I would like to see implemented. I would like to add some things that can be added/improved and problems:

  • People will be mad at this. It will basically be like subscriptions and will make people angry.
  • Change the minimum posts to become a regular to a larger number. Possibly 10 or 20?
  • Maybe make the trust levels not exactly like the forum? Basic I would keep, change Member to Trusted, Regular would become Elites or something, and remove Leaders because they wouldn’t really be needed on hs… Also a trust level called Banned would be helpful in identifying people who have been banned.
  • I feel that there should be no criteria for staying a level. Only if you get banned should you go down a level, or if you get a bunch of posts flagged.

I would also like to add the following:

  • Curation. If this were added, different categories for curation for each trust level could be, also. Plus one with all of the trust levels’ projects in it.
  • The profile picture image benefit would be cool if only the higher trust levels could do that. This will definitely get a lot of bad responses, but hear me out! It will make people strive to use Hopscotch more, becoming better coders, wanting the subscription even more. So overall this would be good.

The app is designed for young kids, how would they if suddenly one of their favorite creators was banned? I think it’s best if there’s no way for someone to know an account is banned.


All great ideas.

Trust levels don’t necessarily represent how skilled a coder is. I feel like this would be a little unfair

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I believe a lot of the necessary fate already exists. It could just look at the last hundred days or so and sort users into their respective level. Good points


True, I was just thinking some basic corroería quickly


it maybe confusing for new users. why do you need trust leveled when you want to code?

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