Trust levels on hopscotch?



What if we had trust levels on hopscotch


It could work
And even member?
It'll be cool right
And you earn more things like more Charecters (everyone has the same amount of code blocks!)
Epic right?
It'll be great

  • Woah we DEFIENTLY need that
  • Yeh lets get that
  • IDK
  • I don't think that it'll be good


Votes are public.

Also can someone tag the hopscotch team?
On this topic so they might see it


Can everyone delete their posts


All the trust levels were made by discourse tho :confused:


Can you maybe do this update?


It says that I am deleting to many post too fast...




You've said that!
I know


Yeah have u emailed the HS team yet?


You didn't like it so
I thought u didn't know xD


I've tagged them
I'm not going to email them unless they don't see it in the next 3 days!


Im going bye


See you in 1 million years!




Not really

in 10 million years


y u dun like me so much


It's just a joke
I do like you
(Everyone gets the opposite of what I say


My post was a joke too :stuck_out_tongue:


someone who claims to """morph""" can hack and get a trust level and make everyone who doesnt believe get banned
someone who bans people when they post a project
someone who bans people when they reveal the answer to a riddle
someone who bans people who speak normal english and not qusid language, the hardest to learn


qusid linguej ez nad dat deefecalt too larn


Qusid language is not that difficult to learn.

Anyway, I'm not sure if this is the greatest idea. You should specify what different trust levels actually do.


I think that trust levels wouldn't be the best idea. You shouldn't have to be this trust level to unlock this. You should be free to code whatever you want with no limits. I really don't like this idea. Also discourse made trust levels I don't think that will be possible with Hopscotch the app