Trust bagdes. How?


I know what trust bagdes are and what they are supposed to be, but how do you level up? I've been on the forum for like week and a half now and I go on it like every day and I'm still level 1!!! I don't want the hopscotch forum to think I'm a robot. :worried: I don't like feeling like the forum thinks I'm a robot!


Hi @Hoppertoscotch! I suggest that next time you search around on the forum before asking questions. I'm sorry if I got this wrong, but what I think you are asking is how do you get to member level? Well there is a topic already made about this so if you want to check it out, I believe that I have invited you to it! Hope this helps! - ILoveSmudgey! :cat:


Well, I guess I'm going to start doin' some reading!!!
Thanks soooo much @ILoveSmudgey, I just thought no one would also ask this, but I was wrong. Thanks again!


Well I'm glad that I could help! 'that sounded at bit cheesy! Oh well' Have fun reading! :yum:


Yeah, I just want to level up already!


Oh just realized I just leveled up!!!


That happened to me when I was actually on the topic page 'How do I get to member trust level?'!! :yum:


That is really convenient!!!!!


Oh. I just realized it's SUPER hard to get past level 3. I've been getting non-needed flags ever since I started!!!


Like @ILoveSmudgey said, there are other topics on trust levels too. I made a topic called What are trust levels? FAQs which you can check out to find the requirements of each trust level. If you do get flags, they have to be approved by a moderator so if a flag is non-needed it won't be approved.

Don't worry, the forum doesn't think you're a robot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It took me like 2 weeks to get to member trust level. Don't worry, I don't think the community thinks you are a robot. You created a lot of topics and posts that were very Hopscotch'related so they would consider you a regular hopscotcher :smile:
You should also search what you were wondering because we don't want a lot of topics the same :slightly_smiling:


@Berrymelon yes I've learned my lesson about that.


@t1_hopscotch well they are called TRUST badges so I thought it that way. I think they should be called ability badges or something like that instead.


That's okay :smile: "Trust badges" does make sense.