Trump wins the 2016


Trump won the 2016 debate! I support Hillary, and I was sad when my dad told me the bad news. But I think Trump isn't really bad. If he doesn't affect us,(me also) I'll be fine. And besides, you should be happy someone won. So, let's see how Trump does in his four-year term.

  • Why didn't America vote for Hillary?
  • Yeah! Trump won!
  • I don't surpport anyone
  • Why didn't America vote for Johnson?
  • Why didn't America vote for Jill?


Votes are public.


World War III is coming soon


Prepare for an invasion


Why?war III is coming nooo,i dont want war III TO come


That's not something to know about. World Wars are very serious and trigger certain people. My grandpa was in WW2 and it's still sensitive.
And this is not going to trigger any other country but America, and it's a world war. Not just against America it self.
Then it would be Civil War 2.

(lol I bet that's gonna happen)


Same ): ): ): ): ): ):


Waaaaaa!:(:(:(:(:(:(:(i dont want it to happend!wait why do you know that is is coming soon


Hillary Clinton is the one who wants war with Syria and Russia get your facts right


The news is in: World War 3 is cancelled due to trump being president
A news thingy


I am pretty sure trump wouldn't be the only cause of that