Truce? (Pride Month)



so if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 2 days, you’ll probably know that June is Pride Month. you’ll also know that some people are against it.

if you’re one of those people, hi! I know we’ve had some choice words for you, and I’m sorry bout that. we’re just really defensive of our community and we’ve had a lot of bad experiences in the past. to keep flame wars from starting, I’d appreciate if you stayed away from the lgbtq+ topic, at least until June is over. thanks a bunch! (:

if you support Pride Month, hello!! how bout we try not to add fuel to the fire this month. I know drama can be great, but this is really getting out of hand, don’t u think?

and to both sides of the debate, I’d like to keep this month peaceful and enjoyable for everyone. I know, I sound stupid and sugarcoaty, but for real, June is supposed to be cool.
thanks for reading!
please don’t have any flame wars on this topic


I’m not having a truce but good luck


why did i make this topic this is stupid


No this is a good idea, I’m just stubborn


it’s a good idea and I’d follow it if I weren’t a literal mule

congrats for being a decent person among us

finger guns


thank youuu
finger guns gayly


You’ve got great points.
I totally agree – things did get out of hand, and hopefully it won’t happen again, if we all try to follow this calm approach that you’re proposing.


thank you!! <33


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


It’s a really good idea. I’m willing to call a truce.


thank you sophia
I know you’re really kind and good natured and I’m so sorry for all of this x


It’s okay. It’s no single person’s fault.


I definitely agree to the truce. Arguments are tiring especially when there’s a 0% chance either side will concede


Truces are great!
I’m not really on a side but this month should be peaceful!


Nah it’s good
And on behalf of the non-supporters, we too apologize. We are sorry for any offensive actions we have taken against the l g b t community.


What on earth was that flagged for?


Wait what’s the drama???


Some drama about gays “stealing the rainbow”
People saying that June was ruined for them
Some low key homophobia
People getting Really Mad
Some uncalled for personal attacks
HEres the down low of it
''Twas a mess
Sorta over now tho people have calmed down


I see one chill person there.

can you guess who? 1010100


Oh dear, it’s not homophobia. If it was homophobia, we would say mean things about you that you didn’t do. But both parties did say mean things to each other, so I’m just saying it wasn’t a friendly conversation. I am glad it’s calmed down, though.