Trouble logging onto forum


Hey @Ana my iPad is have trouble logging in to the forum. I can only get if I send a reset password email, then log in through link. Could you help?


@Ana, this user’s question got lost in the GT so I made it a separate topic for reply. Can you help with this? Thanks!


I’ve been having trouble also, apparently when I’m at home my IP add.ress isn’t acceptable to log in, i can only log in at school


Me too! Just when I’m at school though


That’s exactly my problem too!


It’s so weird! It only lets me log in at school. I wonder if THT out up some IP bans and didn’t realize how many others were around that area or something


I can’t log in at school or at home without resetting my password…


That’s so weird. I hope Ana fixes it for all of us


Yeah for the sake of my password.


That is very weird. Are you using a VPN?


The schools yeah, but I’m not the only dealing with the problem.


Okay. Maybe somebody from your school or the provider of your school´s VPN got banned from the forum? If the VPN is used for multiple schools (if they purchase it from a company, just as an example), it might be that.


Huh, that still doesn’t explain why I can log on if I reset my password…


True. Wait until Ana´s response.