Trouble creating topics


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Hi @Stampys_fans hmm that's strange. I don't think it's your trust level since Basic users should be able to create topics.

Maybe try clicking the Hopscotch logo in the top left corner of the page so you're back on the homepage of the forum, and then create a topic from there. Let's see how that goes.

Problem (don't know what it is yet)

That's weird. Apparently that bug was fixed months ago...

(see: Discourse post)


Thanks (202020202020202020)


Reviving topic, it is really useful especially to people with the same problem. :slight_smile:


@Dude73 I wonder how people will react to all these topics


I don't know, but most of them are helpful, so hopefully we won't get in trouble. :flushed:


Hopefully.... I AM INNOCENT... okay maybe not..


We can run away from the police together, don't worry. :smile:


Yasss lol :smiley:


I might draw that...... :joy:


same lol