Trolls are back! Read this!


I was looking at my notifications, and found that on the when is your birthday? (Pt approved) at around post 20 @seawolfwerehorse had all their posts flagged! And it wasn't off topic or bad I don't think! Whoever did it should be ashamed? (Even if swwh flagged him/herself)


I think all of his or hers post is flagged


I hate when people flag post when they dont deserve it.... and they dont get revived .-.


That was becuase she was suspened. It was automatic and I dislike it very much XD


Well the don't deserved to be even though they were suspended


SWWH is banned, and when someone is banned all their posts are automatically hidden :wink:
It's nothing to worry about :slight_smile:


@seawolfwerehorse's ip is banned and when your banned I think all of your posts are flagged


Then how come I can still see there account?


Good! I though someone had like flagged all the posts.


Can you / we change that?

Or is it discorses thing?


I freak out over these things


The admins might be able to change that....


They were seen 3 days ago though!


When someone is banned their account still exists... they just can't get into it and post things


Close enough, but she has been blocked, not banned. She can still see posts and topics, but can't post.