Trip to China! Yey!



Hi! It's Lightningstrike!

So I'm leavin.g tomorrow (why is would that be blocked?) for China, and I will later go to Japan. Therefore I will be on the forum and hopscotch a lot less often. (Im not really on hopscotch much anyway XD) so yeah. I don't even know if my hotels will have Wifi. I don't even know what hotels I'm staying at XD. I use 'XD' to much XD. So yeah.

One thing I was wondering is would it be possible to lock my trust level on Regular @moderators? I just got it and I don't want to lose it because of a vacation. Though it is my choice to go on vacation, I really want to keep regular... So yeah.

So yeah.
I've said that like Four times.



Choice* lol

And have fun on the trip! See you in school next year lol



See ya in the fall!



Ok so im headed for the airport now, so from now to around 5, I will be extremely unactive, and afterward I may be able to drop in quickly.


I may also post updates.. some will be linked to the photography topic.


Yay! :3
Hope u have fun! :3
I go to Mexico, u go to China, we shall meet somehow XD


Say hi to Hatsune Miku for me in Japan! XD


k Have fun

tips for jetlag: sleep


@Anonymous you have 3000 views on your bio! Ok now LGBOT


On the last part, you can lose @trust_level_3 with being inactive?


Have fun in China! :slight_smile:


I dunno. It used to be like that, but they changed it.


That went faster than expected...
So I will be on...

Now for a reply spree..


That'll work well


Indeed XD



I'll just run up to some person dressed up as Hatsune and say "Friendship2468 says hi"




K thanks!

I'll remember that.


No, say "Watashi no yūjin wa aisatsu shimasu."


Have fun! I am originally from China. And what part of China?