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Stop lying. Anyways:

To be awesome, you don’t need to be popular, you need to be humble and kind. That’s what make you awesome. Maybe you aren’t well known, but I think that being kind is all that matters.


Awe tysm


haha that’s how I felt

and when you tagged me I freaked out secretly


No, you stop lying.


Me? An old forgotten user? Heh.


Oh yeah…I forgot, you were like, “String cheese but I like a cheese stick."

We had an interesting start. Katie just came at me full force…then realized I was new.

I remember some of the first times Private Message spoke to me…:heart_eyes:


yes you, and no. I though everyone liked you and idk (´∀`)


You’re not forgotten
I never once forgot you
Mainly bc Sophia didn’t let me XD


That quote was from you


I remember all the times he made my day better without even knowing it


Hehe…I had a way of mentioning her quite often.



Not everyone likes me…

Exactly, but if she hadn’t pestered you, you would’ve forgotten me.


Yeah…I know Sophia XDDD


Check my bio.


I’m afraid that is untrue

you’re too modest, Mimi

I think we all really are


No I would have remembered you
When you talked to me I felt important


We met on the godly religions topic. Once, I went through and was liking some posts and he was like, “Thanks for the spam likes.” Then, cringey me responded about how I liked what he was saying…which I did. I don’t remember if that was before or after he came in my GT and said he agreed with something I said


Lol thank you ;0000
It’s beautiful


Just the fact we have a PACT in four square makes me happy
When he decides to sit by me makes me happier


Enjoying your one on one chat with Yusamac, Cat?