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starts hyperventilating


I remember you when I 1st came on
You were so popular and I felt so small next to you
You were a role model and I still try to follow your kind ways


woahh, calm down, friend.
are we friends?


You made me hungry that night.
Mimi: I’m eating cheese
Me: I just looked up pictures of cheese and now I’m hungry


Of course!

I am flattered, but at the same time I feel like this is a lie…


But I’ll never be as kind
I just…


Excuse me? You are still in my bio, aren’t you? Not everyone gets a special place in my bio


Lol, I had a cheese stick today…


ahh! i’m so happy right now!


You are nice. I mean, you’ve had…moments, but you’ve always been an extremely kind person


I’m not in it but oh well I don’t need to be in a bio
I’m fine chatting with you guys!! :)))


gives hug
you’re incredible


Cheese stick or string cheese? Anyways, Ms. President, you should get so,e self confidence bc you are amazing


i’ll put you in my bio… you know, if you want me to …


Listen, you’re an amazing friend. You’ve been a true blessing some days


Don’t feel flattered my opinion is close to nothing
But I mean what I say you are so nice and I’ll never be as good as you


Cheese stick this time.


I put Mimi in Katie in there a while back…I almost took it out once out of anger, but you know…

Photo and PC8 are in there for credit


Ty but im happy just talking to you guys Really


You will be as good as me. You’re as good as me right now. We’re equal.