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notice meeee…please


Uh…your last project on SmileySherbet was made the same day you declared that you were leaving and mutilated my emotional shell…so yeah, you didn’t give yourself a chance. If you would’ve stayed, you would’ve gotten something. But I think a couple of pixel arts had been featured recently (Dylan had finished Star Girl a few weeks before)


yay! i can’t believe people are actually talking to me. better yet, FAMOUS people!


I dunno. I am done with coding…


And yes Mini is very popular and she was an inspiration(Still is)


I am not famous, but thanks for your kind words!


awe, yes you are! features and everything!


LIESSS MY FRIEND! stop lying.


That’s how I felt when I first joined. I saw Mimi and I was like, “I didn’t know you were -miniminion- on HS,” then we didn’t become friends until like 2 months after that.

Cheese sticks and string cheese have a special place in my heart.


Stop lying to yourself


You sounded so much like Katie just then…
She would never fully admit to being popular…


interesting, funny, and sweet at the same time, lol.


Cheese sticks, Sophia. You have made me hungry.


I would try my best to be humble…but I’m not X_X


Keep in mind, @trinity13, this was before she got to know me. Her impression changed.


you seem nice still! i don’t know why you’re saying you aren’t.


No one’s impression has changed
You’re so awesome!


It’s because I’m not nice.
why you always lying… why you always lying


Ask anyone. They know I have changed. Therefore, their impression has changed. Most likely for the worst.


well, i still see you as a nice person.