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Well I’m basically spam
Waste of time


what is “spam liking”?


Back then, I literally looked up to anyone that had a feature…and if you had more than one, I considered you famous.


You aren’t a waste of time, FATTCAT.


I know. You rarely spam liked, but when you did…it was crazy


I was famous-ish, then I quit coding.


…I feel like that
Everything I do is wrong
Someone has to go behind my trail of destruction
I hate that


Where you give a certain person a lot of likes and they get a notification for everytime. I used to do it all the time




You were famous in my eyes. I literally went crazy when KVJ followed me (this was before I joined the forum) and he only had 2 features back then…

Dylan just got his 23rd feature


lol, i assume you got spammed a lot?


That wasn’t intentional. I just pretty much liked every post on your topic…and if I started running out, I would like just yours and Katie’s (if I wasn’t in the conversation)


Wow, that’s incredible. I feel like the hopscotch team has something against me.


Why? You never did anything wrong…not really


I try on my projects but…I’ve never gotten a Feature…not yet


pops out of the shadows



Yeah, but after I was on the forum for awhile they’d never feature my projects. Then, I created SmileySherbet and I got that feature. Once they found out who SS was, I never got another feature.


hmm, that’s weird. the team seems really nice though.


Oh, they are. They’re very kind and helpful, they just don’t like me.


* coughs *
read my child

Oh, I’m the 100th post!