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oh, that’s bad. why do people need alternative accounts anyway? you have an account already.


*grabs Mimi and squeezes

Mwahaha…I’m gonna squeeze you…
Wth is wrong with me?!:rofl:


yes, you do! you’re an awesome coder and you’re really nice too!


The heck… I need help.


Just to try out things and break the OMTL. I have an alternate account myself, but people aren’t supposed to know that it’s me…everyone says it’s too obvious though


Welp…I’m borrowing Scotch tapes corner grabs pillow and sits


oh, well i get that, but just making a ton makes no sense.


Mimi, listen to this wise child.

I just remixed that 3D ice cream last week


Mimi doesn’t listen. I wrote an essay about how to write in MLA style… and it was written in MLA style, lol.


ooh, i think i’ve seen that project. it looks pretty cool!


my coding days are over by now. I had my shot and I wasted it.


Woah, shocking. Katie once got into an argument irl about whether books or movies are better, so that night, she wrote an MLA formatted paper about why books are better.


Listen, do you know how many people looked up to you?
I looked up to you before I joined the forum.


Lol, yesh. It was kind of strange… and that sounds like Katie.


i agree! she still can code. @vanillaice, you just have to get back into it.


I would have done that…books are better


AGH IM OUTTA LIKES. i cry forever.


I know, but I still don’t know why. Now, you have people looking up to you. For example, @trinity13


I’m always out of likes…which is bad bc I want to spam like Putin’s Messenger


I remember when you’d spam like me everyday. It was you and Katie… that was fun.