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alternate account.

they made a cult on their last alt lol


Yes yes I did. Not many people joined tho


Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies!


Yeee a new person :DDD Heyyyyy
Hi I’m Havke, nice to meet you!
I hope you have a fun time here lol
Wanna chat about interests and stuffz ?


cool! what do you like to draw?

hello, nice to meet you too! what do you enjoy doing in your free time?


@sophia71205, hello! i’ve seen you posting here on the forum and i’ve also seen your projects on hopscotch and i want to tell you i am a big fan of your goldfinch pixel art. i love SmileySherbet’s account and your account too! i hope we can be friends!! :relaxed:


I usually draw my OCs, or someone else’s!


Aw, tysm. Of course we can be friends. You can always tag me and we can chat…you might also find me on photographer123’s GT.

And about SmileySherbet…SHE. IS. AWESOME. Her first account on Hopscotch was -miniminion- and her main forum account was @MiNi, but now she uses @vanillaice

Do you want to join my friend tag list?


no problem :smiley: i’ll join your tag list
i can’t lie when i see one of my role models!
also, yay! how are you?


I’m good.
How are you?
And why is FATTCAT watching us?


i’m good! and i don’t know why. @FATTCAT, why are you watching us, XD?


I see you lying about me 0-0


Bc she is trying to waste her likes :stuck_out_tongue:

You joined 2 days ago…so welcome


Oh, hey Mimi. I didn’t bring it up.

But don’t we all? I should renominate your wolf pixel art…


thanks! people here seem really nice so far. except i was question if i was new, lol.


goes into coughing fit
@trinity13, I don’t deserve to be loved.




@sophia71205 asked why you were watching us.


Yeah, well, you see…
A lot of people have been making random alternates…I have no idea why
And there is a cyber bully who keeps on making new accounts so he doesn’t have to wait his suspension


I wasn’t lol I was told to stay off my phone now I’m "asleep: