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hello! how are you? why can’t i post something under 20 characters?


awe, thank you! i try to be nice :blush:


Ya do <ubhkbkvhvjhvjhv>


It’s weird. Try doing this <random words here.

Then add >


oh, okay!



No problem! Have fun. This place is a real fun place. Just be careful for bullys


thank you so much!! i can’t find your topic though :thinking:


Gm it should be somewhere on my profile in topics and if not you could try searching it? Its called Chicken Girls Genenral Topic I think. If these both don’t work I’m stumped :confused:


hmm, i searched for it, but i did not pop up ://


Ur not new right


Oh good, found a link to it :slight_smile:


Your general topic’s in the #random-stuff category. Only members (trust level 2) and above can see it ;)


Ah makes sense, thanks for the info Madsie :slight_smile:


I like drawing, Undertale, touhou, anime, animating, music…
what are some of your hobbies? :3


ooh, i like music and animating! i also love to draw. do you draw? :upside_down_face:


i am new. why?




hello, XD! how are you?


Gooood! Gotta go make another alt bye


okay?? what’s an alt? bye!