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…I really don’t know
My mind is drawing a blank


Anything. If you wished you could code one thing, what would it be? I mean, I can’t do sin and cos…but I can attempt at anything else


I wish…I could code better things XD


@Dylan329 and anyone else who sees this go second, third, fourth, etc. my latest nomination for featured


Co lol sorry I had tooo


It takes…practice. You really have to just realize how things work. Variables are flow controlling blocks your best friends for games. Turn, move forward, and change y are your biggest friends in coded art.


I never thought I’d use math outside of school but I was coding something and I was using so stuff she had already taught us


Exactly. Percentages are a big thing. Knowing how an equation works is also helpful.


It was really easy too


I’m tired gn ;0 :sparkles:


I’ll still be trying to figure out what to code…
I might do a shape art for once


I enjoy water coloring it’s quite fun and I do art but BADLY loll

What’s your hs username? I’m curious lol :ppp


oh, fun! i have tried watercolour, but i’m not very good, lol.

i am not sure what my username is because i shared my account with friends, so they could change the username and now we don’t have hopscotch anymore.


Hey, Trinity! How are you?


i am doing fairly well. i don’t really feel like doing school work.


Same. I’m home sick today and I emailed all of my teachers about makeup work. I’m not looking forward to it.


i wish i went to public school… it sounds very fun.


Oh, are you homeschooled?


yea, but i don’t really like it. i don’t get to see my friends very often and my parents have so much control over literally all of my schooling, technology, social life, etc.


Aw, that sounds bad. Were they the ones who deleted hopscotch?