Trigonometry+Hopscotch=Cool but Confusing



Hiya guys!
Before you flag, I want to tell you that trigonometry is related to hopscotch because of sine and cosine. They allow you to create really cool things, but it's very hard to understand. My mom was looking at my sine wave and was surprised that I used trigonometry. I asked her to tell me more, but she said it was too confusing. I am left confused, and so I think we should all make it a goal to find a lot of info about this! I got to learn a lot from @Valgo because he made an amazing project explaining it!

How do I use Sin and Cos?
I feel weird but what is sin and cos?
Sins and Cos Help (I need help)

This is really confusing...


Yes, but you need a project to start you out, you can get someone to make the basic shape you want and then you can modify it. That's how I learn sin and cos :slightly_smiling:


Yeah, it is really confusing, but search "sine wave" in the search bar in Hopscotch, and okay with the code. You may become a bit more familiar!