#triclassicera [NaF CHALLENGE #7] [JULY 2018]



a wild notification appeared!!

go, curiosity!!

curiosity used click!!

it’s super effective!!

the wild notification’s disguise faded to reveal…

an elusive NaF challenge!!!

'ello, @naf! hope your summer has been going well.

having not done a challenge for a month has laid all my old banked ideas to waste, so it was a bit of a struggle to come up with something this time. while I am going a little more “classic/old school” with this month’s prompt, I think you’ll enjoy it all the more for its simplicity.

your challenge

a simple, three-color challenge, themed “summer moments.” this challenge should teach you a lot about color theory and usage, and the limitations (say, you get some dismal looking colors and still have to make it look summer-y) will test your aesthetics and ability to improvise.

fluorine artists can use this hex color generator to pick colors, and colorhexa can help convert the hex colors to rgb/hsb values that you can set in your digital program.

for sodium artists like me, you can either lay out and/or number all of your colors (individual colored pencils if you use those, individual copics/markers/crayons, etc. (but not all, of course; only the mediums you plan on using)) and use a random number generator to pick each utensil, or you can use the hex color picker and try to find utensils that match.

additional notes:
using slightly different hues for shading is allowed but not mandatory; try to do as much as you can with the three colors you have.
white, black, and grey are also permitted but not obligatory; again, if you’d like to add one or more of them to your three colors be my guest, but try to keep it simple.
since it’s summer and everyone’s on vacations, at camps, etc. it’s totally okay to submit a rough or under-done copy of your entry. the challenge lends itself to a more unfinished, simplistic look anyway, but again, if you’re willing to go all out, do it!!

as always, don’t feel bad if you’re unable or unwilling to do any of NaF’s challenges. they’re here purely for fun, and are never mandatory or even strongly advised. I’ll be accepting members’ choice nominations until July 28th, and I’ll try to get the winners out by July 30-31st. knowing me, it’ll be later than that, but you can expect those dates at the earliest.

have a great summer y’all, and happy art!!


Gulp . It’s SUPER effective under boredom. XDXDXD


Hmmm sounds like a bit of a challenge. This’ll probably be pretty fun to attempt


Yay another challenge… Yay another badly captured representation of a request that someone has that is a competition in which Kayro will fail and make horrible art and take a picture of it horribly.


not sure if this is very lucky or very unlucky considering theyre all so close… either way its pretty!!


You are extremely lucky!!!

You can make like a camping drawing or a sunset over the ocean or I’m getting to caught up with myself. I need to hold my Fathiers


I’m very unlucky and I have to wait forever to finally get the utensils I need. (Totally going to use prismacolors)


I’m not in this club, but I just want to give you lots of credit for how well the challenge is described! I like the fact that you included some helpful links and tips. :slight_smile:


Sounds so funnnn


So are we drawing some summer moments in one, or like a person or what

Sorry but I’m just a tad bit confused


basically just do the three color challenge, but “summer”

do whatever you want with it skdjf


What is going on here? A drawing challenge!? Can I be apart of it… ;-;


Okay, are we allowed to blend colors a tiny bit?


I’d say do it? artistic liberty is up to you to determine

le shrug

@SunkM-Productions this is NaF, a long-running forum version of the previously well-known NaturalArt Hopscotch (NaH). NaH has existed for roughly three-four years with around twenty members, and NaF, though only existent for one year, has 54 members - and quite a few members who have transferred from NaH.
Members participate in monthly challenges that are meant to train creativity and style, while also improving technical art skills.
You can enter as a non-member and qualify for the Honorable Mention prize (don’t let the name fool you; it’s just as prestigious as any other), or you can apply for membership either by visiting the topic or the group’s page, both of which are accessible from my profile.


Thanks for that info! Maybe next challenge I’ll come on in.


I chose Skin Colour, Yellow and Blue!
It’s actually winter in Australia right now lol
This drawing is of me (with blonde hair XD) swimming/ lying on a pool floating thing!


My fingers got in the way of the pic :frowning:


That’s pretty cool!!!

(this definitely will be hard challenge for grey scale me)


Awwww thanks so much @Kayro


You are welcome.

I still have to randomly choose 3.