Trick with Rules / Abilities! (By -Madi-)


Hello Hopscotchers!

I have discovered a trick (maybe has already been discovered?) that is useful when creating custom rules and abilities. This trick will help you sort your abilities so that you can choose which ones you want to appear at the front! Just follow these simple steps:

1) When creating a new rule or ability that you want to stay at the front of your abilities for easy acces, add a dash before the name.

2) If you add a second dash, the ability will appear before the ability with one dash!

In conclusion, the order of your abilities and rules can be determined based on the number of dashes in front of the name.

(Note: I tried this with variables and it doesn’t work, so I guess it only works with rules and abilities!)

I hope this helps! Happy Hopscotching!

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that’s a cool trick!


:+1::+1::+1:Interesting trick… Its pretty good because sometimes you want to sort stuff the way you want, and the app just sorts it in alphabetical order.


Hugh thats an intresting thing.
Ima use this

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Sure, I can add you :slightly_smiling_face:


This is really cool!! :D


Oh! That’s sweet!
That makes sense since it’s alphabetized


That’s super cool!!

p.s can I join your tag list?? I love your topics!


Thanks, and sure! :smile:
Ps. I love your topics too!


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Woah, that’s pretty cool
just like you


That is a really, really helpful and cool trick! Thank you @Madi_Hopscotch_ for sharing this!


You can also nawm them 1rule 2rule and they go to front


That’s another good idea, instead of the dashes.