TRICERA–Points System



This is only for Regulars, sorry. There's just too many forum users and only one person running it.


This is our newest points system!
We are only doing Regulars, sorry. But it's basically like @Anonymous' points system.

How To Earn/Lose Points

To Earn Points

  • Stand up to someone
  • Make a helpful topic
  • Answer a good question
  • Make an amazing game
  • Make a game that gets on Trending
  • Make a game that gets on Rising
  • Make a game that gets on Featured
  • Make a Featured-worthy game
  • Cut down on remixing
  • Cut down on RPs
  • Cut down on chatrooms
  • Help a new Hopscotcher
  • Help a new forum user
  • Tag the Leaders to review a topic for a reason

You will get 1-25 points for completing one of these.

To Lose Points

  • Troll
  • Do chatrooms
  • Do RPs
  • Do remixes
  • Bully
  • Be mean
  • Make someone feel unwelcome
  • Make someone feel unloved
  • Use swear words
  • Spam
  • Get off-topic
  • Offend the Community Guidelines

You will lose 1-25 points for doing one of these.

Point Shop

-10 Like Boost (Forum)
-10 Like Boost (Hopscotch)
-15 Follow
-20 Music
-20 Drawing Request
-25 Custom Project
-30 Shoutout
-30 Logo

User Points

@bluedogmc-official: 1 Point
+1 Point for joining

@VanillaOwl: 1 Point
+1 Point for joining


Are all regulars in this? ? this is kinda like @Anonymous's thing, and all the regulars are doing that already! Good idea tho!

Edit: I'm not saying this is a bad thing, I think it's great for that your helping the community! It's just that this is similar to anonymous's idea! Sorry if this sounded rude at all!

Edit #2: although I'm already in anonymous's thing, I'll join this!


Is this actually true? I am not a regular but this sounds nice.


Yah! Tankt2016 is giving people points that they can use to get prizes! @anonymous is also doing something like this.
I know I'm not tankt2016, I'm just trying to help!


This is going to get confusing...


Agreed... A lot of people are making point systems and stuff like that.


But I was inspired by you! Just search for "TRICERA–Points" and this is the only option that will come up.


Well, if you can't get Regular or have too many flags to get it, or can't get Regular for some reason, you can do it. :wink:


Your points are kinda like my points... (Game points)


I just need to read 700 more topics! ;D


Ooh, look in Newest. SmileyAlyssa gave me that tip! She helped me get Regular! And you should have Regular by the end of this week, but anyway, you're in!