We are making a new drawing pad (progress has just started today). It is the
(@Anonymous, want to help?)


And we need music!


Our username is "tankt", and one of our trademarks is "TRICERA".
So, the music should be Prehistoric.
And the Lion Roar sound would go well.
And it should rarely have high notes (I mean the notes at the bottom of the Music Menu).
Some music that sounds like dinosaur stomps and roars would be nice.
Maybe a volcano erupting in the background.

Where To Add It

Put the music on this project and remix. Then give us the link to the remix.

Friendly Mass Tag List


People that joined


Please someone answer!


We really need some music, it's key! :key:


Sorry I'm bad at hopscotch music:(


That's okay! Anyone can join, can you please tag some people?


i don't know anyone that's good at music:(


I can do it!

I'm pretty good at music.


Since you are good at music, hence you can enter! Yay our first entry! Congrats! (since I don't know how to spell congratlations)


You spelled it right, except for the u between the t and the l.


Meant to do that. Auto-correct showed me the right spelling.


My look right now...: :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Anyone else want to join?


@trust_level_3 s do you want to join?


Anyone joining? We need some people!


If you wish, I can help!

Will we be doing this on a collaboration account or by remixing?


It's not a Collab, it's a contest! Please read the topic before joining.


Oops? Sorry about that! I will enter.


Are you good at music? We need someone decent.


Sort of..

Here's an example of my work:


That is really good music! I like it!